Uniting the best

Grundfos is one of the world’s largest pump brands and the World Handball Championship is one of the world’s biggest handball events. And Grundfos is proud to be the main sponsor, who unites the two.

Why sponsor handball?

Handball and this tournament in particular are all about strength, enthusiasm, hard work, and last but not least team spirit. At Grundfos we identify with these qualities and see fine parallels to our core values: Be responsible – Think ahead – Innovate.

As a result, the Men’s World Handball Championship in Sweden represents Grundfos’ 10th major handball tournament sponsorship.

A long-term strategy

International handball composes an important part of our long-term sponsorship strategy. Therefore, we’ve steadily increased our presence in both men’s and women’s handball events over the last six years – from modest advertising to sponsoring teams and the entire tournament.


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